The 52 Most Beautiful Places In Italy


Not only Italy has some exquisite heritage sites but even its cities; Rome, Venice and Florence are a complete work of art. There is also natural beauty in the country comprising of coasts, alpine lakes and mountains.I’ve got tips on where to stay, what to do, and what to see during your time in Bellagio, Italy.The culture, food, cities are all just so different and totally unique.From the north to the south of Italy and feel like you’re in a totally different country.

When visiting Italy, most travelers make a beeline for famous cities like Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan. But like Bari,Verona,Turin,Siena,Pompeii,Naples,MantuaPerugia,Bergamo,Ragusa,Matera,Bologna are also wonderful cities you can list on you travel schedule.Whether you choose to go in Summer, Spring, Fall or Winter, Italy has so much to offer.Italy is a city that is filled with a vibrant modern living as well as being one of the most historic sites in all of Italy.Ultimately, life happens, and sometimes it happens while you’re on the most dreamy vacations.If you’re planning a long trip to Italy, this post will help you get organized and plan the perfect trip to “the Boot”.

 Places in Italy Italy City

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